Ever wonder what goes on inside that oversized mascot head? Just Listen!! Funny? Yes. Topical? Sorta. Unsuited? ALWAYS!!

September 27, 2018

209: The Witty GRITTY Committee

209 marks the ninth week in a row that there's a new episode...might be record!!

(5:04) We couldn't help but talk about Philadelphia Flyers' new mascot, GRITTY, and I think Matt has a new crush.

(18:40) We talk Chinstraps and the importance of having a crew/team ready to save you!

(22:31) A tiger gets a special shoutout, too.

(26:53) Special Guest, Louis Vallejos (Scare Actor and UNSUITED follower) joins the boys to talk about the World of Haunts, Character Development, Rules of the Scare, Hollywood Horror Nights, and why YOU should try being a Scare Actor!!

(1:04:04) "JY's Top 5" brings up some scary memories!

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